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Jul 22, 2012 9:00am EDT
you for joining us this morning. >> okay. >> thank you. >>> for more on how law enforcement officials are responding in the wake of this shooting, we're joined by charles ramsey, thank you for joining us, commissioner, you had the first largest miss police department in country right now, what kind of measures did you put in place after this shooting? >> we have special attention being paid to movie theaters and other locations where large number of people gather. the issue for me, i can't put a cop in every movie theater, shopping mall or high school. we got to find a solution beyond that. >> have you seen any incidents at all? >> no, we haven't seen anything, fortunately we haven't. incidents like this, don't occur every day. what happens every day, there is gun violence on our streets every day. >> what do you think should be the beginning of coming up with a solution sf. >> what will change as far as any gun control legislation in wake of aurora, columbine, virginia tech, ft. hood, i mean, the list goes on and on. unfortunately, in my opinion, absolutely nothing, there will be a l
Jul 29, 2012 8:00am PDT
the strongest commitment of any u.s. president to israel security. >> so, let's switch now to the economy and the president got into a little hot water over his comments about you didn't build it that he made. many people think that gaffe is a politician accidentally telling the truth. but, i also want to focus, robert, on the gdp number that came out on friday, 1.5%. many people think that's an extremely anemic number, do you think the president -- is this the president's economy, does he own the economy? should he be held accountable for whatever happens in this economy? >> well, he understand where the buck stops. we also understand what we inherited. and what we can't go back to, which are the tried and tested ideas of four years ago. which got us into this mess. you heard the discussion about tax cuts. this week, the senate rightly voted to ensure that, at the end of the year, we extend tax cuts for middle-class families. but their economic theory is, we get this economy going by giving millionaires and billionaires more and more tax cuts. that's not what's going to get this economy
Jul 8, 2012 9:00am EDT
george w. bush and his failed policies left to us. we have put under president obama's leadership, 28 months of private sector jobs growth. would we like to be happening faster? you bet we would. the republican congress has done everything to stall this recovery. you know what, perhaps they might succeed. no one can argue the fact that last year, we created more jobs than were created in all of the eight years of george w. bush, that happened in 2010 as well. we need to keep moving foward. it would be great if the people of our country make change and put in some people who will create jobs. >> governor jindal, what about that point, this is guard motion, it this is job creation and more, overall, than the bush administration create snd. >> well, terry, let's look at the facts of the full four years, where president obama has been president, we have lost more than 500,000 jobs. you look at median family income has decreased. median family worth, two-decade low. by any measure his policies have been a failure. the president at his beginning of the term, give it three years. president o
Jul 1, 2012 9:00am EDT
. >> and vicki kennedy joins us now. thank you so much for coming in this morning. >> thank you, george. >> i can only imagine what it might be like for you the moment you heard the supreme court decided. >> you know, george, as you just heard in that wonderful clip, this health care reform was the cause of my husband's life. he believed that it was a moral issue, that it defined the character of who we were as a society, who we were as a country and that decent quality, affordable health care should be a fundamental right. and not a privilege. and now, all three branches of our federal government have a affirmed that right and i think if deady were here, get fully implement the law. >> i want to get to that. i imagine that senator kennedy would have be surprised by the fact that the deciding vote was cast by chief justice roberts. >> i don't think he would have. i think he felt strongly in health care reform. he studied this issue for more than 40 years. he believed in it. he believed in its constitutionali constitutionality. he looked at it every way. >> right after the decision, you received a
Jul 15, 2012 8:00am PDT
of money, what more will the returns tell us that we don't know? >> george, there are two points are really important. first of all, mitt romney's own father said you shouldn't only release one year, he released one year. okay, transparency and what that says. he has released only one year, for the mccain campaign, he released 23 years. and he's telling the american people, i'm not giving you what i gave john mccain's people in 2008. when he gave them 23 years, john mccain's people went with sarah palin. whatever is in there is far worse than the first year. the romney campaign isn't stupid. they have decided that it's better to get attacked on lack of accountability to american people, versus telling what's in those taxes. they're not enjoying this. now the second thing, george, he did not just relatively, he paid 14%, about half of what a middle-class family pays. second is, you learned in one year, about caymans, bahamas and switzerlands, where his different accounts are. his tax filings look like an olympic village than a middle-class family tax reform. unless you have his taxes, and i
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)